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        Development history

        Competence & Strengths

        Certificate of honor

      1. Scientific Progress Award
      2. National High-tech Enterprise Certificate
      3. China National Accreditation Service for Conformity Assessment LABORATORY ACCREDITATION CERTIFICATE
      4. Red Dot Award
      5. Integration of Informationization and Industrialization management system certificate
      6. Guangdong Provincial Enterprise Technology Center
      7. Guangdong Engineering Technology Research Center
      8. Top 500 of Guangdong Manufacturing Enterprises Honorary Certificate
      9. Certificate of Fostering Enterprises for Strategic emerging Industries in Guangdong Province
      10. National High-tech Enterprise Certificate
      11. Guangdong Famous Brand Product Certificate (vinyl chloride VCM coated steel sheet)
      12. Guangdong High-tech Product Certificate (third-generation PCM pre-coated steel sheet)
      13. Guangdong High-tech Product Certificate (third-generation VCM laminated steel sheet)
      14. ……
      15. Customer groups

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